Debugging decoupled applications with microservices using OpenTelemetry

Alexey Korepov

from NDA (Armenia)

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Lead Software Engineer

Senior full-stack web developer with 20+ years of experience. And tight with Drupal already 15+ years, starting from Drupal 5.0!

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Monitoring and debugging a simple decoupled application just with a frontend and a single backend is already a tricky task, right?

Let’s throw in a couple of microservices there in different languages like Python, Go, Node.js, or maybe even Rust, which keep crashing, and a pretty slow and unstable third-party API… And suddenly the task became a real pain in the neck!

From my session, you will learn how to easily apply OpenTelemetry to all components and get the full observability of what’s happening in your decoupled project!

You will able to see in a single interface how all the components of your infrastructure perform: all logs, metrics, end-to-end traces - all in one place!

And even more! For a specific failed operation, that causes an error for a user on the FE, you can easily find and see the whole trace of it, starting from a user click on a button in your React app, to a backtrace of one of your microservices, that crashed at that time.

Come to listen, and grab the magic pill from your microservices pain! ;)

The talk was accepted to the conference program