Beyond Boundaries: Navigating the Complex Landscape of E2E Testing

Dan Neciu

from CareerOS (Barcelona, Spain)

About speaker

Software Engineer & Tech Founder @ CareerOS

I am a software engineer, focusing mostly on the Front-end, in a love-love relationship with Javascript.

About speakers company

We are a SaaS company, building ed-tech software for universities.



Part 1: Where do Integration Tests End and E2E Tests Begin?
- Define integration and E2E tests in terms of their scope and objectives.
- Explore the areas of overlap and distinct differences between integration and E2E tests.
- Discuss the gray area between the two and how different companies might approach this differently.
- Share real-world examples or case studies highlighting when to prefer one over the other.

Part 2: Advanced Patterns:
Introduce advanced design patterns such as Page Object Model, Screenplay Pattern, etc.

Discuss the pros and cons of different patterns and encourage the audience to debate on their preferences.

Part 3: Mocking Backend:

Talk about strategies for mocking the backend to speed up E2E tests.

Discuss the trade-offs involved in mocking the backend and how it can sometimes lead to false positives/negatives in test results.

Share real-world scenarios where having the backend API was beneficial or detrimental in E2E testing.

Finish with a Contract Testing vs Real Backend Implementation discussion

The talk was accepted to the conference program

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