Introvert-Friendly Guide to Personal Branding

Gala Grigoreva

from Women in Tech, Adsterra (Limassol)

About speaker

Gala leverages over 13 years of experience in international marketing and 9 years in IT. She is an expert in personal and corporate branding, having led marketing teams in the mobile, crypto, and adtech sectors.

About speakers company

Adsterra is a global adtech company connecting advertisers with publishers through its advanced high-load platform for effective digital marketing. Offering diverse ad formats and advanced targeting options, Adsterra optimizes ad performance for maximum ROI. For publishers, it provides reliable solutions to monetize digital assets.



Join us for an insightful discussion at the tech conference tailored specifically for developers and engineers. This session will provide a comprehensive introvert-friendly guide to personal branding, addressing key elements crucial for professional growth.

The discussion will shed light on how cultivating a distinct professional identity can significantly impact career trajectories. Attendees will learn how aligning their personal brand with their authentic selves can enhance credibility and trust within the competitive tech landscape. Real-world examples will be shared to illustrate the power of authenticity in personal branding. They will learn how to leverage online platforms for increased visibility. Participants will gain valuable insights into the role of social media, GitHub, Reddit, and personal websites in showcasing their work. Practical tips and best practices will be discussed, offering a roadmap for developers to navigate the digital realm effectively.

The speaker will highlight the benefits of sharing knowledge through avenues such as blogging, speaking engagements, and contributing to open source projects. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how thought leadership can elevate their professional standing and contribute to the broader tech community.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights and practical strategies for personal branding in a manner tailored to introverted professionals in the tech industry.

The talk was accepted to the conference program