Cyprus Calls: A Journey of Professional Mastery at Tech Internals Conf!


Dear friends!

We continue to forge ahead in the development of professional IT communities. Our next destination is the Tech Internals Conf in Cyprus. Our concept, time-tested and experience-proven, remains unchanged: we keep working on creating a platform for exchanging knowledge and practical experience in developing high-load systems. According to our research, this niche is still underrepresented in Europe.

Why should you participate in Tech Internals Conf?

There will be tons of hardcore content that you can't just find online, a deep dive into the world of high-load systems. But the program and presentations are designed in a way that allows you to implement new solutions and ideas obtained from the conference into your own project.

We are expanding our geographical presence, while maintaining high standards in the expertise of our conference speakers. Meet colleagues from different countries, exchange experiences, and build new professional connections.

Our agenda includes "meaty" cases and enterprise solutions, all completely fresh ;) Learn from the mistakes of others and hear stories about complex solutions.

And we'll also talk about industry innovations and trends. Get ready to make adjustments to your roadmaps and continue learning something new.

We invite you to be a part of this event!

See you at Tech Internals Conf in Cyprus!