A Week to Go: Gear Up for the Tech Internals Conf 2024

Dear friends!

We are just a week away from the Tech Internals Conf 2024, and the excitement is palpable!

Remember, the tickets are still on sale, and our special 1+1 offer is ongoing (only for individual attendees — buy 2 tickets and get a 10% discount for both). If you want to buy more than 5 tickets on individual terms, write to us by support@internals.tech.

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As we count down the days, let's dive a little deeper into what awaits you at the conference, particularly some of the brilliant minds you'll have the chance to learn from and interact with.

Artem BakutaCollaborative editing at scale by Artem Bakuta

Artem has a Bachelor's degree in Physics and Mathematics. He’s been working with internal services in Yandex. Currently, he is developing an open source fault-tolerant collaborative engine.

His talk explores the challenges and solutions in developing collaborative services, essential for tasks ranging from coding to document editing. It zeroes in on two leading technologies, CRDT and Operational Transformation, comparing their ability to handle high traffic and maintain accuracy.

Artem will draw from Yandex's journey in crafting a reliable and fast collaborative platform, emphasizing CRDT's benefits in terms of decentralization and efficiency. He will cover issues like handling latency, preserving data integrity, and building a resilient system with Node.js. The session promises practical insights into deploying these technologies in real-world settings, showcasing how CRDT enhances the robustness and maintainability of collaborative tools.

Evgenii IvanovYDB vs. TPC-C: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly behind High-Performance Benchmarking by Evgenii Ivanov

Evgenii is the Principal software developer at Yandex Infrastructure. He’s had a passion for programming and computer systems since his teenage years. Now, holding a Master's degree in Computer Science, he has been fortunate throughout his career to amass a breadth of experience.

The speaker will focus on benchmarking for high-performance, scalable databases, specifically highlighting YDB and the TPC-C benchmark, a gold standard in the industry. Attendees will learn about benchmarking strategies from a user perspective, including how to design benchmarks that accurately mirror production environments. The talk will outline best practices and common mistakes, illustrated with clear examples. It will also cover the YCSB benchmark, crucial for assessing distributed transactions, before offering detailed insights into implementing the TPC-C benchmark, drawing from YDB's experience. The presentation is ideal for anyone looking to improve their benchmarking approach.

Great achievements are rarely the work of individuals; the same goes for professional conferences. Several teams have come together to prepare for this event, and we want to introduce you to our partners. Visit the exhibition area to engage with them, learn about innovative engineering practices, and enjoy interactive experiences. So…

Meet Our Partners 

ExnessExness is a multi-asset broker with an international team of more than 2000 people, a third of whom work in engineering, data, and cybersecurity. Its goal is to develop exceptional products to help experienced traders trade various assets with better-than-market conditions.

XMGold partner XM is a leading forex broker and #1 in @Cyprus’ Best Workplaces™ list three years running with a global team of 1,200+ professionals and cutting-edge services that reach 10+ million clients. XM will be at Tech Internals with a must-visit booth and cool surprises beyond the usual giveaways! 🚀

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