How we changed the authorization service in an infrastructure with millions of users

Aidar Japenov

from Tele2 Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)

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Head of Backend Development

Team Lead Backend Development in Altel/Tele2. The development team is creating useful features for all Altel and Tele2 products and services.

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The transition from custom authentication to a ready-made solution has significantly improved the security and simplified the management of authentication in our service. In this presentation, we will discuss the reasons why we decided to switch to Keycloak and share our experience and the results of this transition.

Our previous authentication methods, developed in-house, faced several challenges such as security vulnerabilities, scalability complexity, and user management difficulties. After exploring various solutions on the market, we chose Keycloak, an open and flexible solution for identity and access management. Throughout the transition, we encountered technical and organizational challenges that we successfully overcame, and now we can share our best practices and recommendations for a successful integration of Keycloak into existing infrastructure.

Our presentation will be beneficial for developers and architects considering the implementation of ready-made authentication and authorization solutions in their projects. We hope that our experience and results will enable other companies to reduce the costs of developing custom solutions and make the authentication process more secure, efficient, and user-friendly.

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