Architecting the Future: Building Multi-Tenant SaaS on AWS

Pavlos Kleanthous

from PArsectix (Nicosia)

About speaker

Pavlos Kleanthous is the founder of Parsectix, a U.K.-based software consultancy specializing in cloud-native, serverless and event-driven architectures.

About speakers company

Parsectix is a professional services consultancy that excels in boosting software delivery outcomes. They strategically employ DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Pragmatic Agile methodologies, thereby streamlining development processes and boosting operational efficiency. In the dynamic digital landscape, Parsectix serves as a catalyst. They empower organisations to unlock their innovative potential and scalability, leveraging cutting-edge, cloud-based, and SaaS technologies. With strategically positioned offices in London and Nicosia, Parsectix provides customised, high-tech solutions to their EMEA clientele, consistently ensuring substantial returns on their software project investments.



In the dynamic realm of digital technology, establishing scalable and cost-effective SaaS solutions is vital for burgeoning startups and expanding companies. This insightful session will delve into the advantages of implementing a multi-tenant architecture in conjunction with serverless technologies and Event-Driven Architectures (EDAs). The talk will focus on how these innovative strategies can be leveraged by Digital Native Businesses to gain a competitive edge. Attendees will be guided through essential architectural considerations, industry best practices, and tangible examples, highlighting how these approaches can substantially reduce operational costs, enhance scalability, and expedite market entry. This presentation is a must-attend for those eager to elevate their SaaS services on AWS, offering practical knowledge and strategies for immediate application.

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