Fast and Efficient Local Development with Kubernetes and telepresence/mirrord

Eran Greenbaum


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About 15 years experience. I come from a developer background, now deeply in DevOps fields.
Working all around in professional services, many companies, and projects of all sizes. Always want to learn the new technology.

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Professional services in DevOps, Cloud. Consulting



We have some solutions to run the k8s cluster locally like:minkube,kind,k3s etc. Things get completed when we have 30 or 50 services to run locally, maybe some of our services are heavy consumers of resources (like CPU or memory ), or maybe our laptop hardware is not enough to run that amount of services. If we need to communicate with cloud services like RDS,SQS,LAMBDA etc, how can we mock it locally? If we have a complex architecture in the cloud or outside the cloud, how can we work on our services with the above k8s local solutions? Here come into the picture mirrord and Telepresence.
In the lecture, I will talk about each of them separately, and the pros and cons of each one.

The talk was accepted to the conference program