DevSecOps:Development and security in a constantly evolving world

Vladimir Kuryndin

from Protelion (Armenia)

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Protelion Development Director
Infotecs Deputy Director of the Development Center

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Rapid digitalization has dramatically changed the traditional information security paradigm. Instead of network centric security built to protect office networks and data centers, the digitally connected world requires security designed to protect distributed users and devices independent of their locations. Protelion understood this seismic shift and developed our vision steeped in Zero Trust principles. We assembled a team of international cyber experts to redefine security. The resulting Protelion Security Platform is uniquely architected to deliver inspired security solutions that combine greater protection, flexibility, and performance. We are at the forefront of applying innovative approaches and creating ingenious products to help you protect your digital universe. Our products meet the exacting standards of German design and international certification bodies. Our head office is in Berlin, Germany yet we have global reach with staff and distribution partners based throughout EMEA, the USA and Latin America.



Describe what DEvSecOps processes we have and why
Our DevSecOps tools and know hows.
How to use DevSecOps for complex hardware and software and hardware products
On-premise vs Cloud CI/CD and DEvSecOps tools
How to prevent zero day vulnerabilitues in open source components

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