DevOps in Action: Real Cases and Best Practices

Anh Tran

from Neom, ex-ABN AMRO (Amsterdam)

About speaker

Anh is a passionate Data Professional who has a solid international background in data analytics and data management across Asia and Europe.

About speakers company

ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is the third-largest Dutch bank, with headquarters in Amsterdam.



In the fast-paced world of web development, excelling at DevOps is key for effectively managing infrastructure and applications at scale. Therefore, in this session, the audience can expect to learn how to use DevOps as a tool to stay agile, enhance collaboration, effectively manage their infrastructure and applications at scale and boost productivity.

More specifically, we will uncover the intricacies of advanced version control, emphasizing effective DevOps best practices and collaborative workflows. In addition, we will cast a spotlight on optimizing CI/CD pipelines, automation, testing, and dependable deployment approaches. How to nurture an effective code review culture will also be a focal point, with insights into guidelines, fostering constructive review dynamics, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

More importantly, the session will be enriched by real-world case studies with Azure DevOps in achieving success and scaling efficiently. Attendees will walk away with a set of best practices, offering proven strategies, while also highlighting common pitfalls to avoid.

In sum, this talk is an enlightening journey that empowers experienced web developers with the knowledge and tools necessary for mastering DevOps and enhancing their proficiency in a modern web development environment.

The talk was revoked