Clickhouse as backend for Prometheus

Denis Babichev

from Hilbert Team (Serbia)

About speaker

Hilbert Team DevOps DBA TechnicalLead

Experienced in development, consulting, maintenance, technical engineering, delivery and evolving, focusing on devops part.
I mostly work with databases, data and devops - processes, related to this stuff.

About speakers company

Hilbert Team is a global systems integrator helping companies around the world to increase operational efficiency and profitability of their business by automating IT-infrastructure and processes, making them more reliable, secure and cost-efficient. Hilbert Team has deep expertise in DevOps, DevSecOps, DataOps and FinOps and develops innovative educational programs.


1. Few words about ClickHouse and Prometheus
2. LTS problems in Prometheus
3. Clickhouse as a backend
4. Integration/Configuration:
5. **Why Not?** (VM/Thanos/Mimir)**…**
6. **Why Not ClickHouse?**
7. **Сonclusions**

The talk was accepted to the conference program